ur nursery is specialized in succulent and dry areas plants from Africa, Arabian Peninsula and Indian Ocean's islands.

It is to make you discover this diversity, that Afroplants has chosen to distribute a selection of genera and species. Offering plants is a real investigative work in order to meet the ever changing amateurs demand, and let's face it, our own curiosity. Thus, our stock comes from several sources:


Our seeds are coming mainly from suppliers reputed for their seriousness. A growing part is also coming from the controlled pollination of our mother plants. And at last, a small amount comes from reasoned collections made during our travels.


It is the way of multiplying plants that do little or no fruit like certain AdeniaCissusEuphorbia…, or to keep identical a plant whose foliage, flowers are appreciated, or which comes from a precise locality like AloeAdromischusGasteria


Commonly performed for Cactaceae, but rarely with succulents, it remains the only way to reproduce some recalcitrant genera such as Ceraria namaquensis, some Euphorbia and other Asclepiadaceae.


Due to the small size of our infrastructures and to the ever-changing demand from amateurs, we also buy occasionally from our colleagues and collectors around the world.

If you think you have things which could be of interest for us, do not hesitate to contact us.

English is the universal business language, pretty convenient, but feel free to contact us in any of the following ones if you are more comfortable with French, Portuguese or Spanish.