1 About these Terms and Conditions

The present Terms and Conditions in the same way as Order Confirmation, are the singles applicable, and constitute the contract between Afroplants and you. Current Contract can be modified only if we consent to, you will be noticed in writting or e-mail.

2 Place an Order

2.1 By placing an order on this website, you recognize that you acquaint with the Terms and Conditions of sale and that you accept these.
No minimum amount is needed

2.2 You can place your order:

2.2.1 by loging on into the account you will have created: fill the Order Form available on Afroplants website, and by click on the "I confirm my order" button

2.2.2 without having an account: by filling the Order Form available on Afroplants website, exporting it as a PDF file or screenshot from your browser, and sending it by e.mail to afroplants(at)gmail.com

2.2.3 without having an account: by filling the Order Form available on Afroplants website, printing it from your browser, and sending it to:

CXP 252-Z

2.2.4 giving us a phone call at 0033 558 433 979 between 9:30 AM and 7:30 PM GMT +2.

2.3 When you'll place an order, we will give you your internet reference number. We will do it by e-mail, unless you have placed your order by phone, in which case we have given you your reference number at that moment.

2.4 If we accept your order, we will notify our agreement by emiting an Order confirmation. We will send your Order confirmation by e.mail subject to having indicated us an e.mail address on your order form. If not, we will send the confirmation order by post. The Order Confirmation will be effective from its sending date. If we cannot accept your Order, we will contact you by e.mail, by phone or by mail.

2.5 Although we are doing our best to supply the items mentioned in your Confirmation Order, we may be unable to provide you with these items because, for exemple, (i) those items would be unavailable, or (ii) we would be unable to supply ourselves, or (iii) if due to a display error on the Afroplants website, the price of the selected items were abnormally low. In such circumstances, we will contact you to notify you and possibly offer you equivalent item(s) you may wish to purchase. If you do not accept our suggestions, we will cancel your Order and we will refund the amount you paid for this order. The refund of this amount will be our sole responsibility to you if we can not deliver the items you ordered.

3. Provision of your items

We will provide you with the Products indicated on your Order Confirmation in accordance with the terms and conditions.

4. Price

4.1 The prices of the items are the prices indicated all taxes included on your Order Form and on your Invoice.

4.2 The amount of the shipping costs is indicated all taxes included on your Order form and on your invoice. Their calculation is made automatically by the PrestaShop ™ solution, based on the CTT rates in effect on 2024.

5. Payment of your order

You can pay for your items according to the payment terms indicated below:

5.1 By credit card, the transaction will be made via the Secure PayPal site. There are two options:

5.1.1 You already have a PayPal account, you will then pay at your convenience either (I) with the funds present in your account or (II) by transfer of your bank account to your PayPal account if they are linked or (III) by provisioning your PayPal account with your Credit Card.

5.1.2 You do not yet have a Paypal account and you can pay either (I) directly with your Credit Card or (II) with your credit card after creating a PayPal account.

5.3 We will ship your order to the shipping address you have indicated. The request for payment and your invoice will be sent to the e-mail address you provided.

Payment in cash sent by post is prohibited by law.

6 Shipping & Delivery

6.1 We will deliver your order to the delivery address indicated on your Purchase Order.

6.2 We will implement the necessary means to ship your items within 7 working days following the date of issue of your Order Confirmation. Estimated shipping times given when placing your order are estimations and do not constitute the delivery time. If you have ordered more than one item at the same time, we may expect one item to be missing, before we ship the complete order. If this is the case, we will notify you by e-mail or by telephone. You can cancel your Order at any time before shipping your order, by calling us at 0033 558 433 979 and reminding us of your Internet Order Number.

6.3 Upon delivery of your package to the carrier, we will send you a shipping confirmation by e-mail, provided that you have indicated such an address on the Purchase Order. If the method of shipment you have chosen allows, we will send you by e-mail a link to track your package on the carrier's website.

7 Cancellation

7.1 Right of withdrawal. If you are not satisfied with your order, you can return it in its original condition and get its refund. To do this, you must contact us by email or telephone within 7 calendar days of receipt of your order. The freight charges will be applied in accordance with the provisions of Article 7.2 below.

7.2 Order Forwarding

I If you notice a defect on any of our items and we certify after examination that the liability for this defect is attributable to us, the entire amount of the item and, if applicable, the amount of the shipping costs inherent in the return, will be assumed by Afroplants, at the minimum rate of La Poste applicable at the time of the dispute.
II If the reasons for returning your order are at your discretion, or for any other reason acceptable to Afroplants, the return charges will be at your expense, at the La Poste minimum rate in effect at the time of dispute.

7.3 Reimbursement

We will refund your order after receipt of returned items and verification of their conformity.