We ship orders on Wednesday, proceeding which can take up to two weeks during springtime, fall, and episodes as cold or heat wave.
We won't be able to answer about estimated delivery time or delayed parcels, please get in touch with your National Post Company instead.
Many thanks for your comprehension.

Shipment is entrusted to CTT, rate effective in 2024.

Plants are shipped in:

  • Registered Parcel with tracking

Seeds are shipped in:

  • Registered Mail with tracking

Shiments are sent at your own risk, and we can not, under any circumstances, be held responsible for any loss or damage occurred during transportation.
Please get in touch with your local authorities concerning plant import. If a Phytosanitary Certificate is asked by your customs, you can add it to your order by clicking here.

For our central Algarvian customers, we offer to make an appointment and deliver your order in places of your choice in the cities of Moncarapacho, Olhão and Faro. 

From now on we have stopped providing plastic labels, and we encourage our estimated clients to use wooden ones or any other environment-friendly alternative, like bits of flat stones, slates, tiles…
The same applies to the invoice, which can be downloaded via your account on our website, or by e-mail on request.